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Discover the Benefits of Selenium in IV Therapy at Reviv IV

Unlocking the Power of Selenium

Essential for Health and Detoxification

Selenium, a key element in over 25 selenoproteins, plays a vital role in health and wellness. At Reviv IV, we emphasize the importance of Selenium in our IV therapies for its ability to regenerate small antioxidants and recycle nutrients like vitamin C  and coenzyme Q10, enhancing detoxification processes.

Supporting Thyroid and Immune Function

Selenium is crucial for activating the thyroid hormone T3, which is integral to healthy thyroid function. This contributes significantly to overall metabolic health and wellness


The Diverse Benefits of Selenium

Holistic Health Contributions

Selenium contributes to:

  • Normal spermatogenesis
  • Maintaining the health of hair and nails
  • Supporting normal thyroid function
  • Enhancing the function of the immune system

Dietary Sources of Selenium

To ensure adequate Selenium intake, a balanced diet including:

  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Brazil nuts
  • Fish, particularly yellowfin tuna
  • Enriched breads and grains

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