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Our passionate team of highly experienced and accredited experts are here to help you along the way, and to answer any questions you might have. At Rejuuv, your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Our team in Toronto, Markham and North York would love to listen to your needs, and together we can find the perfect natural solution to make it happen.




Many options exist for facial surgeries, with the most popular selection including: botox, juvederm, non surgical rhinoplasty, thread lift, prp and many more. After assessing each of our patient’s case and circumstances, we tailor the best solutions suitable for enhancing your physical attractiveness for long lasting effects.

skin booster

We all strive to live in our own skin with confidence and glowing with energy. Through a refined line of non-injectable products, we bring the most advanced cosmetic treatments to your presence. 

We have options such as fractora, Picoway laser, picosure laser, stretch marks removal, micro needling, pigmentation removals, skin treatments and acne Treatments.


Body & Health

Each of these procedures are considered and assessed to see which is best fit for your circumstances, in order to ensure the most ideal result. Body contouring procedures allow for most natural-looking results for you. It is our vision to make your dream look come true.