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Supports Recovery
Enhance Hydration

Purpose of ULTRAVIV Recovery IV Therapy:

  • Supports Recovery: Aids in rapid recovery from physical debilitation such as hangovers.
  • Enhances Hydration: Ensures optimal hydration, crucial after dehydration events.

Key Ingredients

Vital for converting food into energy, supporting nerve and heart function, and essential for cell growth and function.

Crucial for energy metabolism, supports the nervous system, skin health, vision, and helps in detoxification and fatigue reduction.

Important for energy metabolism, nervous system health, skin maintenance, psychological health, and fatigue reduction.

Essential for energy production, synthesizing biomolecules, supporting liver detoxification, and enhancing mental performance.

Key for metabolic processes, nervous system health, and reducing cardiovascular risks.

Maintains cellular hydration, regulates blood volume, and enhances the efficacy of other vitamins and minerals.

An antioxidant that boosts the immune system and promotes overall health.

Additional Ingredients

Works Well With

Enhances the effects of the IV therapy by providing an additional boost of B vitamins.

Supplements the body’s antioxidant levels, aiding in further detoxification.

Provides an extra level of support for areas of high metabolic activity.

Mechanism of Action

ULTRAVIV Recovery IV Therapy works by infusing a powerful blend of essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for immediate absorption and effectiveness. This ensures that the body quickly receives vital nutrients needed for recovery and hydration.

Overall Impact

ULTRAVIV Recovery IV Therapy is designed to significantly reduce recovery time, enhance metabolic functions, and improve overall vitality. It provides immediate relief from symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion, allowing individuals to regain energy and return to their daily activities with renewed health and well-being.

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